2016 Chieftain

Kenny MacphersonKenny Macpherson

This years’ Chieftain is Kenny Macpherson. Kenny is well known in Peebles and surrounding area having been born here in 1948 and having lived most of his life in the town. Kenny was born disabled and as a result, he spent 8 years at Castlecraig School at Blyth Bridge which at the time was a school for handicapped children. Kenny notes that this was long before it was changed to its current use and says he is not intending to return there at any point in the future!

Kenny moved back to Peebles in 1962 when he started at Peebles High School, but struggling to cope with the poor weather conditions his time there did not last long, instead opting to leave and get a job. Kenny was employed as a clerical assistant at Lowe Donald’s in Dean Park but after 3½ years he was made redundant when the firm was bought over. A year of unemployed followed before Kenny got a job in a photographic laboratory in Penicuik where he worked for the next 4 years. This then led to the chance of a job in Litster’s Photo Laboratory in Peebles which he took and he worked there for the next 27 years until the firm closed.

At this point, Kenny decided to return to education and successfully gained a Higher National Certificate and Higher National Diploma in Administration Information Management. Armed with his new qualifications, he then got a job with the Scottish Public Pension’s Agency (SPPA) where he worked in the mailroom at their Tweedbank office for 12 years until health problems got in the way. Kenny retired in April 2015 following which he has had other health issues including prostate cancer which he has successfully overcome following surgery last year.

In addition to years of service to Peebles Highland Games, Kenny is also well known for his work with various other local organisations such as Peebles Beltane Festival Committee which he joined in 1972. His involvement with the Beltane has seen him hold a number of joint convenorships including Street Decorations, Concert and Lorries and he is also on the Cornet’s Canter Committee.

Kenny is an avid supporter of the local pipe bands and has been the mascot of Tweedvale Pipe Band for a number of years.

Kenny is very much looking forward to being Chieftain of the Games.

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