Malt whisky and Scottish Gin Tasting

This year we are offering visitors to Peebles Highland Games the opportunity to sample some of Scotland’s finest Whiskies and Gins at our tasting stand.  Paul Beaumont will be on hand to guide you through your chosen tipple discussing everything from the different distilling processes and regional characteristics to the finer points of the ‘nose’ appearance, taste and character.

Whisky Glasses

Whisky is a multifaceted drink with a long history steeped in mystery and tradition.  With more than 100 distilleries to choose from located from Speyside to Islay and from the Highlands to the Lowlands we have we have specially selected four very different whiskies each with varying production processes, characteristics and flavour profiles, to make your whisky tasting interesting and fun.

The whiskies we have on offer for you to sample today include a very noble and successful blended whisky, a 10 year single malt from Speyside, a typical peat malt from the Isle of Islay and a new double cask malt.

By sampling a little of each whilst glancing through our tasting notes or drawing on Paul’s expert knowledge you can decide which you like the most.  Our whisky tasting is not a lecture, it’s an experience, so hopefully the specially selected sample selection will really allow you to appreciate and focus on the whiskies you’ll be drinking.

For the first time this year we also have two Scottish Gins on offer to be sampled.  One of the gins is distilled in copper pot stills whilst the other is locally produced in Edinburgh with a modern twist.


You can also look at our small selection of 14 3cl, handmade, wax-sealed dram tasting pots, complete with full tasting notes to help you get the most of your dram.

Whisky Regions

Scotland’s 6 Whisky producing regions.

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